life enthusiasts


When Dan launched the Xark blog in June 2005, he was looking for a way to break out of the binary thinking that dominated discussion on the web at the time.  Its motto: Because there are no unrelated topics. 

That’s kind of our story: We believe that exploring one interesting idea will present new directions to explore, and that a lesson learned in one field may grant us surprising insights into other disciplines.

That’s why Dan got his certification as a bike mechanic. It’s why Janet continues to work on the “Write Darkly” concept and Dan devotes hours every week to covering local soccer. It’s why we ride bikes and run races and climb mountains and camp in the rain in wild places you can’t go in a car. It’s why we write fiction, shoot videos and create art. It’s why we challenge conventional wisdom, make the argument, and offer solutions others haven’t considered.  In an outcome-based world, we haven’t forgotten the significance of the journey.

It’s not an ordinary business plan, but it’s one that works — especially for those who were never big fans of ordinary.